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born-day + borneo-nyte

  • Sunday, December 18, 2011
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  • Thanks to all those that wished me on my birthday few days back. Unlike last year, i wont be posting a "thank you" entry this time around. But the message is still the same, THANK YOU!

    As if to celebrate my birthday, i joined an event called 
    Borneo Cultural Night 
    which was held in USMKK.. haha. loser. Actually, i wanted to see how other universities manage their events plus the fact that it was Borneo night...Sabahans and Sarawakians will be there. Sort of a gathering. A lot of people were there, UMK and USM students. I even grabbed the opportunity to meet a friend of mine whom i knew from Matrix. Meeting her made me feel younger..hehe.

    The slogan was 
    Borneo-Born Extra Ordinary
    Cool. It was fun. Finally dpt gak nyanyi lagu negeri sendiri after 11 tahun kot. Touching moment. Ming ming sepet, my sister se-negeri almost wept. The night was filled with video presentations, some dancing, fashion show, and drama.. Not to forget, they had Laksa Sarawak too! There was a lucky draw but.. Unfortunately, lady luck wasn't there for me, so i didn't win anything. ^^,"

    As per 'yoozh', let the photos do the talking!

    :: Feel free to click on the images for a better viewing pleasure! ::

    dunno whether it's real or not

    Sarawak- the land of the hornbill

    Sabah- the land beneath the wind

    costume 1

    costume 2

    costume 3

    costume 4

    Amirah syazana- my friend dari matrix

    i'm sure u're looking at the tall one


    with one of the performers

    i bet u're looking at ... hehe.

    Ming-ming + event banner

    The irony is.. even though I'm from Borneo.. I don't even know the names of the costumes they were wearing that nyte. haha..Still got a lot to learn, i guess.

    She needs to read this

  • Friday, December 2, 2011
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  • biasanya things yg super personal, i dont put on my blog. but post ni adalah exception. but for "what we had"-sake, so here it is.

    what i did wasn't caused by how i felt at the moment. Because i know better than to make decisions based on an emotional state of mind instead of logical and rational thinking..

    Suffice to say, i don't blame u for anything. Maybe we need to experience and learn more. Or maybe we need to truly understand the meaning of honesty. I don't know...

    We need to care, before knowing love.. or dalam malaynye..'kenali prihatin sebelum mengenal kasih sayang'. Then we wont hurt others, apologize and do it again. As human beings, we have this special ability whereby we learn from our mistakes... maybe we are too young. Again, I don't know..

    Like you, aku hargai n aku sayang apa yg kita ada.. 
    Friendship yg cool camtuh..
    Our deal to be backup spouses for one another andai kata we're old enuff but still x kawen2..
    Our plans utk lepak2 kat kedai mkn lepas keja as if kite tau la sgt esok kite nak keje at the same place..
    our promise nak g ice skating kat sunway.
    And other crazy things we did or planned to do.

    i know u're a silent visitor kat blog ni. and i pray that u read this post and know that even though i stopped texting, doesn't mean i've stopped caring.

    Ur text dat day..wat aku blur jap..But now aku reply that msg.

    Salam Maal Hijrah.

    P/s: saying u didn't expect a reply from me actually shows that u did expect one.
    thanks utk kuih dat day jgak.
    4give me.

    Au Revoire~

    Yours Truly:
    ::Raja Ibrahim Ikhwan::

    of floods and pelampung

  • Monday, November 28, 2011
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  • Now da masuk musim tengkujuh, severely affecting kawasan pantai timur Semenanjung Malaysia.. Luckily it didn't rain last i can go mengajar buat kali keduanya. happy. nervous. x confident. LOL.
    Lepas setel klas, g ronda2 area pasir mas n rantau panjang. Even hujan da berenti, but banjir masih ada..lambat ckit kot nk surut. 
    Naik 4WD, jalan yg ditutup pn redah ilek je.

    Somewhere in rantau panjang, i saw this guy bawak this pelampung thingy..he was with his family. dorang da jalan depan dah..brader ni blakang ckit. mujur die kool je time shot ni diamik. eye contact tuh yg mahal tuh..

    Ini lak somewhere in Pasir Mas..this girl was looking at me, taking her photo while kwn2 die sumer tgh seronok mandi manda kat 'pool' semulajadik gara2 banjir behind her. It wasn't raining, i guess it was considered safe la kot those kids go and have a swim there. But seriously, having an adult or two around that area would be best. 
    U see..even dalam situasi yg org kate musibah ar kot..we can still smile. have a lil' bit of fun. kan adik kan?again, eye contact itu mahal. Easier to obtain when photographing kids, tho.

    Also, in Pasir Mas.. Jalan da tutup actually..but 4WD bley je redah. mujur i stepped out of the 4WD, berkaki ayam n shoot. Kids here and there, main2 air banjir. some teenagers lepak2 atas moto kaki rendam dalam air. Pakcik and Makcik duduk dpan umah supervising cucu2 mandi manda. Funny thing is..smua org hepy.

    This pic..i took somewhere in Rantau panjang if i'm not mistaken.. ada pelantar khas utk org gak tgk aktiviti camni..things i could not experience d Kolumpo. but truth be told, i've learnt how to do this. time praktikal. ngeh3.. bangga.
    oh ye,..other than myself..ramai jgak hamba Allah stopped by the roadside, dgn dslr dlm tgn n snapping away.. terasa kecik je diri aku bile ada brader ni bawak kuar lens L dier.uhuhu.. 
    -make do with what i have-

    ini special ckit. special because plg nampak ke-gumbira-an mereka dlm menikmati was almost like going to a water theme park. ada pelampung kaler-maler. awek2 amik gmbo dorang maen air. para ibu makan kopok lekor while ushar2 anak dorang. 
    even compo fail, but i still like this pic. kire ok la utk gmbar yg diambik dari dlm a moving vehicle.

    siyes, i Lol'd time nak amik dis pic. but diz girl sgt cute la dgn dat bekas filled with water atas kpale die, simbah bdan..air banjir tuh..hebat dak neh. ini kat rantau panjang ni. byk kedai tutup.

    Again di rantau panjang. banjir sampaikan naik sampan..haa...if peratikan bdak2 yg d blkg sampan tuh..rasenye..xdela tggi mane air asal nek sampan?
    then i observed...ade bdak kat dpan brader yg dayung sampan tuh..i guess the big guy was just entertaining the boy...yg maybe nak sgt naek smpan..LOL.
    made me smile.


    Bukak mata.
     Ada masanya sesimple-simple perkara tu sebesar-besar makna.

    Same *ish*, different toilet.

  • Monday, October 17, 2011
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  • These past few weeks I've noticed that I had somewhat changed..No, i did not change positively. Instead, I became worse. I was like a person that had given up on life. I was being lazy. I skipped some classes. I was being a loser and all that. Hilang influence. Hilang aura.

    Then, it hit me. Why? Bukan ada masalah jiwa raga pun. Then why la dey? No answer dari otak aku, aku tanya la hati. Hati pn no answer. Wat the fish la kan.. Sembang2 dgn member. Die soh take some time, renungkan balik what happened..and cari balik siapa diri aku yg sebenar. True. I was somehow not myself. Umpama krisis identiti. X kenal siapa diri sendiri anymore. 

    So i spent the weekend taking photos.

    I took my time utk carik balik siapa aku, usaha kembalikan apa yg hilang. Dari renungan aku, this was all because ada cerita yg x sudah lg..caused me to lose myself for a while. But i found myself once again. And I am not going away anytime soon. heheh..

    Jatuhnya aku akan dituruti fasa "bounce back", di mana setiap bounce back itu akan lebih hebat dari sebelumnya, insyaAllah.

    Saved the best for last. Khas buat anda yg singgah.

    P/S= bila terlalu lama memikul beban, tubuh akan lenguh dan keletihan. therefore, take some time to chill out. jgn push sgt diri sendiri sampai memudaratkan.

    on a sidenote, what worth is one's promise without the effort to fulfill one's promise?


  • Wednesday, September 28, 2011

  • lame dah balik xde lak entry sal kepulangan ke tanah air.,bz. aku bz enjoy life in pedulikanlah nk wat entry sal balik msia,trus direct kpd life d Uni. New sem, new faces, new subjects, same old crappy things to deal with.haha..

    Raya dah sudah, register new sem pun udah, so beraktiviti la plak. no nid ckap byk, this time follow ekspedisi ke gunung angsi. Bace review kate x mencabar sgt n all that. tp tobat aku x caye. Poyo benor le if kite nk caye org kate x mncabar sedangkan x test sendiri.

    Actually bley la tahan mencabarnye. part mencabarnye after checkpoint/last water source..coz byk sgt mendaki vertical therefore melawan graviti most of the time. stopped along the way more than 6 times coz muscle cramp. but sampai gak ke puncak, alhamdulillah..Jenuh psycho diri sendiri nk smpai atas tuh. Kaki sakit2 pn push jgak. Mujur le sampai.

    The end.

    Inhale and Exhale.

  • Friday, September 9, 2011
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  • Sabda Rasulullah Saw.:
    "Wanita yang paling agung kebarakahannya, adalah yang paling ringan
    maharnya." (HR Ahmad, Al-Hakim, Al-Baihaqi dengan sanad yang shahih).

    Rasulullah juga mengingatkan,"Seorang wanita yang penuh barakah dan mendapat anugerah Allah adalah yang maharnya murah, mudah menikahinya, dan akhlaknya baik.
    Namun sebaliknya,wanita yang celaka adalah yang mahal maharnya, sulit menikahinya, dan buruk akhlaknya."

    Tq, Ciffi Faizal.



  • Thursday, September 8, 2011
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  • Lately...lately la sgt..? 
    Well, ever since the end of last year.. kemunculan sorang demi sorang emo-diots kat FB dah aku peratikan..
    Maki sana, maki sini... carut sana, carut sini..kdg dlm 1 jam bleh produce smpai 5-6 posts..
    very de produktive lah org kata.

    To tell u the truth, aku dulu pun emo-diot jgak. Yup. Sue me! But aku sentiasa limitkan ke-emo-an aku pd kata2 pedih terhadap mereka yg berkenaan, without the use of foul language. Jiwa muda tp akai ada. tarak hal..pape pon, aku da stop jadi emo-diot a long time ago. Mujur la timbul kesedaran. 
    So anyway, I understand la kan y emo-diots behave the way they do. Merasakan FB sbagai hak peribadi pengguna yg berpegang kpd kebebasan bersuara, lantak la an if nk carut-maki kat FB. kan? kan? Lantak la if nak bergado dgn org lam FB. kan? kan?

    Yeah, right. As in,,,being sarcastic.

    If korang x kisah di-cop sbg insan bermasalah....
    If korang x kisah ada pihak yg kurang senang dgn diri korang....
    If korang x kisah buatkan hidup org laen gloomy dgn ke-emo-an korang...

    Saya, King Abraham, dgn ini mengangkat kedua2 ibu jari dan menghalakannya kepada anda, tanda "chaiyok, dan majulah emo-diots utk negara".

    Haha, seriously, guys... Take ur rants elsewhere,okay? Cube bygkan...... hari yg indah..the sun is shining brightly..burung berkicauan..tibe2 bertukar mendung, guruh berdentum...
    haa,,camtulah jadiknyer bila post2 emo korang 'menghiasi' homepage FB aku.
    Learn n apply self control, please. I'm not saying this for my sake, but for yours.
    Jaga imej diri korang..
    It's not too late.
    Ada masa lagi.
    Change for the better.. I know u can do it.
    Remember, self control.
    Break out of the emo-diotic chain.!

    mungkin mereka ini dahagakan perhatian dan kasih sayang.

    was i being too harsh?
    please forgive me.
    Tough love, orang kate.

    * The writing above is based on the writer's personal experience and has no relations whatsoever to neither those who are living nor those who are dead. No emo-diot was hurt in the making of this writing. Any similarities are merely a coincidence*

    Awek sexy gila.

  • Saturday, September 3, 2011
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    You made a mess of things
    My what a mess you’ve made
    I hate the way you make me feel
    I hate the way you make me
    In your world it’s cold outside
    D                E
    So button up and open wide
      A                F#m
    I hate the way you make me
    feel sick sick sick
     meh pakat main lagu ni meh.
    dgn penuh perasaan ye, kawan2.?

    Just a Hobby, nothing more.

  • Monday, August 15, 2011
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  •           As the program is nearing the end, I find myself happily nodding to any invitations to go out regardless of what kind of activity people have in mind. Dinner/Breaking fasts or a short trip to anywhere, you name it. It can be considered as an act of squeezing every last drop of experience from my 3 months 2 weeks stay in Cambodia. That's where my hobby plays its' part. I call it Photo-taking. LOLz. Why do people take pictures? Well, some people take photos to earn a living. Some, as a hobby. Most of them, no matter what type of camera, are for keeping memories. 

              To me, for the time being, it is totally dedicated for keeping memories. I'm not qualified or skilled enough to earn a living from photography. Lisa Jones(I dunno who she is) said
     "Photography is one big scrapbook of your life
    and I couldn't agree more.

    My approach when it comes to photography, as taught by some, is to enjoy the journey. The journey to grasp more knowledge and elevate your comprehension of the hows-whats-whys of photography to a higher level and also the journey you go through during which you take pictures. In a way, just enjoy it. Sounds hippy-ish? Sort of. But it works. For me, at least. Some people asked me, 'How can you enjoy photography so much?'. My answer is, 'The same reason why you take photos when you're out with friends, when you're on a date, when it's Raya/CNY/Deepavali/etc. It is to freeze the moment and keep it yours forever, on a personal note.'
    Heck, I am not eligible to be sharing my thoughts on photography, as a photographer. But as a hobbyist/photography-enthusiast, that's another story. 

    Funny, almost a year now. Still so psyched about this hobby of mine.

    ~Photos from a hobbyist~
    all taken from my recent trip to Phnom Sampov, Cambodia.

    Composition ke laut, i know.

    remains of victims during polpot regime.

    looking up.


    tame monkey

    panorama attempt



  • Tuesday, August 9, 2011
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  • I thought that I was going to start on my Project 100 this coming semester. But some things are better done earlier than later. So, that said, I'd like to introduce you to my first stranger for this project.!

    This is Smey. This 23 year old lad wants to be an architect in the future. During his leisure time, he likes to read books on psychology and architecture. He is saving money to continue his studies in architecture some time in the future. 

    Thank you, Smey, for participating in this project of mine. I wish you all the best.

    1 down, 99 more to go!

    Project sulung

  • Thursday, August 4, 2011
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  •  Lets try something new. Dengan ini, diumumkan King Abraham will embark on a new adventure/project called "Project 100 strangers".

    Project 100 sudeyh..~ buang strangers. 


    What is Project 100?
     Step out of your comfort zone to a new level of photography: Take 100 portraits of people you don't know.

    Say what, now?
    It is a project to improve your social and technical skills needed for taking portraits of strangers and telling their stories. This project is a lot of fun and improves photojournalistic skills. During the process you might expand your every day living experience- and who knows, maybe you will even get a couple of new friends during the process.

    ______________ adventure 4 me. Gonna be challenging. But yeah, it is not impossible. InsyaAllah start semester depan.

    Kalau sia-sia tidaklah aku buat. Ternyata ada manfaat yang tersirat.

    Double edged sword

  • Sunday, July 31, 2011
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  • I like to experiment. To test, observe and analyze. It is basically a part of my life. In friendship too, for example. I treat people the way I wanna be treated. Do good, receive good kinda thingy. I guess. Rambut sama hitam, hati laen2.. Time and time again I come across people with not-so-nice characteristics.. Holding onto my belief that we 'should not judge others too quickly', I take my time getting to know them-observe and analyze. Their true selves. Some of them, are actually nice people(Thank God!), while some of them are actually worse than what I imagined.

    The bad ones.? Suffice to say, lu-lu, gua-gua. Out of sight, Out of mind.

    So kids, sempena Ramadhan ni, pesanan dari pihak penaja adalah:-

    "Ikhlaslah dalam berkawan. Usah berkawan atas dasar kepentingan. Andai ada salah dan silap maka bermaafanlah kerna itu adalah lebih afdhal"

    Life is short enuff. Y waste it on saving people who don't need to be saved.?

    Angkor Wat, Siem Rep, Cambodia.

  • Monday, July 25, 2011
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  • Same old. Same old. All right then, a friggin review eh? Aiighht~

    So, my frens and I, ya see.. We went to Siem Rep last weekend. Fer 2 days n 1 night, eh.. Fer such a short time, might as well sacrifice the time to sleep no? Siem Rep..Siem Rep.. well, well, whaddaya know.. It is very popular. Tourism-wise, of course. The other aspects? Hold your horses will ya? Ok then..

    What's good 2 see, where 2 be at, in Siem Rep.? To tell ya the truth, I'd say Angkor Wat. It's just breathtaking to be at a place, built centuries ago, but still a sight to behold. It's quite a nice place to go on a honeymoon.. Particularly if yer lookin' 4 a romantic scenery and whatnot, eh. But wait.! If yer not from Cambodia, u gotta purchase a ticket to enter. Maybe yer gonna be 20 dollars poorer, but it's worth it. Oh yea, a USD 20 ticket is only valid fer 24 hours. There are other options, tho. Tickets fer 1 week, etc. Take yer pick. And FYI, Angkor Wat aint the only place in Siem Rep available to visit. Actually the ticket gives ya full access to all the temples within Siem Rep. I heard there were hundreds of 'em. Done with that.

    At night, other than the clubs and bars and all that.. The night market's quite a place 2 be. Sure, they be sellin'a lotta stuff. Bags, clothes, shoes, etc. Did someone say'shopping spree? ^^,"  Heck, there are even bars there. Snooker tables too. Frankly, the night market is a place where u can buy souvenirs 2 bring back to yer homeland. Lolz. homeland? Wanna unwind after exploring the temples of Siem Rep the whole day? There are massage service offered here too.. Just fer fun, why not have a go at  a "Dr. Fish Spa"? It's actually a so-called massage-type, where fishes nibble on yer feet, removing toxins from yer body. Relaxing? Maybe. Ticklish? Hell to the yeah. Next up, if yer into headbanging and dancing and having a good time to the wee hours, Pub Street is where u shud be headin'. That place aint fer me, tho. That place gives me the creeps. But careful. Ye might run into transvestites and prostitutes lookin' fer an easy buck. Unless yer into those kinda stuff, knock yerself out, eh? If yer a dude, and yer travelling in a group of just guys or yer travelling alone. Sometimes strangers wud come to ya n say this," you want a girl,sir? 30 dollars". Pfft. And that, my friends, is also one of the reasons why Siem Rep is popular. Ye heard me. Sex-tourism. 
    * say whaaaaat?~ *

    Pardon my English. I am not usually like this.
     And I am not usually 'high' from lack of sleep(more than 24 hours) either.

    Angkor Wat, Siem Rep, Cambodia

    Angkor Wat, Siem Rep, Cambodia

    Angkor Wat, Siem Rep, Cambodia

    Angkor Wat, Siem Rep, Cambodia

    Angkor Wat, Siem Rep, Cambodia

    Angkor Wat, Siem Rep, Cambodia

    Angkor Wat, Siem Rep, Cambodia

    Angkor Wat, Siem Rep, Cambodia

    Angkor Wat, Siem Rep, Cambodia

    Night Market, Siem Rep, Cambodia
    Night Market, Siem Rep, Cambodia