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  • Saturday, May 28, 2011
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  • There is a side of me which nobody knows.
    Im an adventurous kind of guy. I love 2 experience new things.
    So esok.. I will go 2 town, 1 way or another.
    Taking photos.. Tulis notes.. Make a wish and throw a coin into the river.?huhu..

    (lagu matchbox 20-unwell; plays in the background)

    Jiwakacau. caca merba. kuca lana.
    Esok jugak ku klua ke town..
    x kire..
    even if kena g sorang pn ku sggup..
    duka lara pnye pasal.


    Apple made of glass

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  • One fine day..
    I took a stroll down a certain lane.
    I passed by a booth..There, numerous items were on sale..
    But at this booth, an apple of glass caught my attention.
    I was intrigued. I carefully picked it up.
    I held it up to view it against the bright ray of the sun.
    To my astonishment, the glass apple was shining ever so vibrantly.
    The mix of colors just took my breath away.
    My heart leapt with joy now that i had found such a thing.
    But I knew, the price was way more than I could afford.
    Reluctantly I put the glass apple back on the shelf where it was before.
    Sighing, I walked away from the booth.
    One day when I can finally afford it.
    Then by all means,
    O beautiful 'apple made of glass', you will be mine.


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  • As long as there are unfinished business between us,
    I am here to stay.
    I wont run away.
    Once everything is sorted out and settled.
    That is gonna be my cue to exit from this drama of you and I.
    I am a man of my word, after all.

    Trench coat. Raining. No eye contact.

    |||- Budak kecik dapat hadiah-|||

  • Tuesday, May 24, 2011
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  • Finally, after beberapa ari mnunggu...sampai gak bungkusanku dari mesia neh..bekalan yg ade kat cni pn da nak abis..mujur smpai dah. yesterday g beli dapur portable tp x beli pn cooking pan..Epic Fail. bape kurun da x mkn nasik..asik2 megi..asik2 telur rebus. now pn da terasa sakit ckit2..tatau ar ginjal ke hape.better be careful. Sok g pasa beli ikan haruan ah..then cari le ape yg termampu..masakle cane pn..survivor~

    parcel da sampai. beta sgt hepy. i almost died coz ari-ari mkn tlur rebus n megi je.

    mcm2 ada.

    biskut bulat?biskut kacang kot..

    biskut2 x brape bulat

    instant soup

    bubur pn ade.rindu lak bubur ayam mcD.

    K.A's got a sweet tooth ok. & dat's y he's a sweet guy.LOL.

    Kurma. hurm...bile stat posa?

    Ketupat wa cakap lu..alang2 raya je la cni.

    canned food

    siyesly,kalu sape2 tau ape ni, free2 dpt rm10 from me.

    last but not least. mi ruski n mi sedap.
    x suke sgt mi ruski..terlalu pekat.
    mi sedap lak dah tersuka coz time praktikal d tnjung da terbiase dgn bnda nih.

    aku x paham nape template ni watkan gmbo sgt berterabur..semak betul..

    Bloodshot eyes

    1st of all this entry is best to be read at nyte.
    To further boost the 3D effect of the post, please be in a jazz club where the air is saturated with cigar smoke.

     45 minutes till 11 a.m.. I remember it now. I was up til 4a.m in the morning..tapping furiously on the keyboard..dying to complete the proposal of the thesis. Imagine, if u will, being left in the middle of nowhere, without any clothes, without any food. However unfortunate u might think ur fate is, u still gotta survive. Kill a deer by biting its neck. Drink ur own urine to keep urself from dehydrating. Make clothes out of dried leaves. Simply put, do anything 2 survive. Dat's kind of how I see my situation is. Welcome to the jungle,son. Here u gotta stand on ur own 2 feet. Being the typical student that I was, being told to prepare a research paper without any guidance watsoever was kinda the same as a paralyzed guy from the waist down, being told 2 walk on his own. 

      Little did I realize that we human beings have this special ability. The ability to adapt. Being out of my comfort zone, I was exposed. I was vulnerable. I was weak. But realizing this ability of us homo sapiens, things start to change. The paralyzed guy has miraculously gained motor control of his legs once again. Slowly but surely, he will walk on his own again. After periods of physiotherapies and such. For the first time in my life, I threw away my crutches and walked on my own. Studying into the late hours of the nyte, searching for the right references, gathering relevant info and collecting reading materials. Asking questions where i saw fit, and getting answers not from others but rather a tedious research and reading process.

         As the sound of ska music blasting into my ears thru my earphones, my bloodshot eyes keep on glancing at the clock..Darn. 30 minutes more til 11a.m. Formally dressed, books carefully stacked in front of me, a slightly tense facial expression. All the right ingredients for an image of a lecturer. oh really? In my mind, an image of an indecisive King Abraham was crystal clear. Not knowing what the future brings, doesn't give u the license to not making plans or preparations for the future dude. But not knowing a thing about the future does offer you the chance to dream. . . . 

    p/s= i think continuously consuming instant noodles affected me in some way. Kidney (probably?) sometimes feels like being poked. and 1 more thing, dear mr heart..pls stop misbehaving..I need to focus ryte now..I don't have time 4 u for the time being. Sabar jap dulu coz target(s) acquired suda. Jz a matter of time[Evil laughter in the background].

    K.A is a noob

  • Sunday, May 22, 2011
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  • tggu sunrise.
    tggu sunset.
    the sun rises in the east.
    the sun sets in the west.
    using the basic knowledge of trigonometry and a bit of degree/angle calculation.
    cari Qiblat.

    p/s= next time if g tempat org, jgn lupa bawak kompas kiblat.


    hai kome.....

  • Thursday, May 19, 2011
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  • igt x
    dulu kome ngate kat die.?
    kome rase kome la terbaik.
    siap wat2 tnye soalan agi kat die.
    as if kome tatau apa2.
    pdahal kome nganjing die.
    kome rase kome la paling pandai.
    aih, riso leeerr..

    igt x?
    hehe..kesian die tuh.
    die pn blaja dan blaja dan blaja.
    byk kesilapan die wat.
    semata2 nk perbaiki diri.
    skang die da mampu berdikari.
    kome plak ke mane?
    masih di takuk lama.
    aih, riso leeerr..

    masih berasa kome terhebat.
    sbb tu kome x maju2.
    kome bongkak.kome ego.
    org baru nk naik kome nk pijak2 kasi lumat.
    ilmu ada jgn lokek.
    kongsi la sama2 naik.
    aih, riso leeerr..

    dah,dah..aku ni pihak luar.
    saje nk kome igt balik.
    ape kome wat kat die dulu x baik.
    if x mampu la nk confront dpan2.
    tggu raya taun dpan la bermaaf-maafan.
    aih, riso leeerr..



    tukar format.
    tgk gmba dulu.penerangan kemudian.
    layan je la.


    please click on the images for a better viewing pleasure!




    mmg danger dow..x phm kalu pls click.

    mmberi penerangan


    lydin n ranjani.

    pagoda bersebelahan ek phnom temple

    bunge lagi. lawa plak bunga bila dilomokan.hehe

    dpan tasik

    had my 1st decent meal dari kedai neh.

    penggunaan moto yg cool.

    On the 16th of May 2011..we went to Ek Phnom temple.
    Location: Takom village, Peam Ek Commune, Ek Phnom district.
    12km from Battambang.

    Compared to Banon temple, Ek phnom temple does not offer that much of a sight to behold. Mcm ruins pun ade..but similar to Banon temple, it was due to the civil war..tu jadi cam ruins tuh..n yeah,,juga dsebabkan oleh akar2 pokok yg crack-kan temple tuh setelah sekian lama.

    I noticed that both of the temples we visited, there were lakes. Why? is believed that the kings back in the day, used to feed crocs that reside within those lakes. Nape bg mkn crocs lak? hurm..sbenonye..crocs tu dibela/diternak/dijaga/di-inang oleh raja2 terdahulu sbg perlindungan daripada pihak musuh yg berniat jahat terhadap temple.

    ok then.dah setel kat sini.balik ar UBB.sempat singgah satu kedai mknn halal ni.
    Maka ku oderlah 2 meals utk di-take away.
    nasi 2 bekas+ayam goreng seketul.
    utk lunch n dinner.
    USD2(RM6) je.
    Baru kali ke2 gmbaku muncul lam blog,haha. i ni pemalu orgnye.lalala~

    Questi fiori sono per lei

  • Wednesday, May 18, 2011
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  • til we meet again.


  • Tuesday, May 17, 2011
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  •       Had a meeting about the thesis with our supervisors. Then, Lin took us to Banon Temple on a tuk-tuk(refer previous entries). Banon is located 18km from UBB. Banon temple is older than Angkor wat. It was once used as a military camp during the civil war, which explains why there were signs like, "Danger!! Mines!!". As a foreigner, the purchase of a ticket to enter the temple was required. USD 1 per ticket.

           To reach the temple, panjat/daki/naik/golek2/merangkak 2 flights of stairs(vertically = 71meters)...lets just call 'em stages.

               1st stage > Rest > 2nd stage > Temple!

      Ok..da sampai puncak. ke sane ke mari tgk Banon temple..masuk temple kua temple..time camni la bersyukur sgt dgn perangai pelik aku yg sukakan torchlite n suka bwak torchlite merata..coz masuk lam temple tuh, ada sstengahnye yg poorly gune la torchlite..suluh sana suluh cni..bes gak..ade tempat yg mcm pecah2..well, smua tu sebab civil war..

        Next, we went to the other side of the temple, went downhill.. It was a really challenging route, one would say, if one was not wearing shoes. T_T  turun pnya turun sampai la ke pintu gua nih..Ade pakcik guide..siap ade headlamps utk tourists aa..ok, faham. Rapat ckit je ke pintu, dpt rase,,,the drop in temperature..terkezut den. Dunno y..but inside the den,, it was like being in an air conditioned room..If sum1 bley explain y, then by all means please do so. Ku sgtlah ingin tahu. Dah explore puas2 'bilik ekon' tuh, gerak balik.Sekian.


    click on the images for a better viewing pleasure!

    tangga ke banon temple

    view dari 1st stage

    see..?danger! mines! lin kate ramai yg mati sbb mines.x kurg gak yg cacat.

    da lepas 2nd stage da ni.kat lantai nmpak x bunge2?

    banon temple aa nih..bhgian dpan.

    lin n ranjani

    temple gak,,but d bhgian blakang

    kat tgh

    view time nk ke 'bilik ekon'
    air meresap thru tanah..sampai ke struktur d atas.tatau stalagtit or stalagmit..jadilah filtered natural water.


  • Monday, May 16, 2011
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  • University of Battambang, UBB, community program.
    location= Rukhakiry district, 60km from UBB. Border of Battambang and Pusat. Newly found district.

    UBB sedekahkan 2100 anak2 pokok pisang to the local residents, as part of their effort to develop the district. Pisang bkn sebarang pisang. Pisang hasil daripada tissue culture tuh.. if ikut harge pasaran, 1 anak pokok=USD0.50. Tp kate sedekah td kan, so bagi free lor kat penduduk2 sekalian.

    Ekceli la kan..UBB ngan UMK lebih kurang je. I mean, tlg penduduk tempatan ar.. cam baktisiswa gitu.
    UBB ni pn bleh kate baru bukak la..dlm 2 tahun camtuh.

    what i saw >>>14/5/2011

  • Sunday, May 15, 2011
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  • ini la tuk-tuk.mcm wagon ditarik moto.betul ke aku ni?