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Just a Hobby, nothing more.

  • Monday, August 15, 2011
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  •           As the program is nearing the end, I find myself happily nodding to any invitations to go out regardless of what kind of activity people have in mind. Dinner/Breaking fasts or a short trip to anywhere, you name it. It can be considered as an act of squeezing every last drop of experience from my 3 months 2 weeks stay in Cambodia. That's where my hobby plays its' part. I call it Photo-taking. LOLz. Why do people take pictures? Well, some people take photos to earn a living. Some, as a hobby. Most of them, no matter what type of camera, are for keeping memories. 

              To me, for the time being, it is totally dedicated for keeping memories. I'm not qualified or skilled enough to earn a living from photography. Lisa Jones(I dunno who she is) said
     "Photography is one big scrapbook of your life
    and I couldn't agree more.

    My approach when it comes to photography, as taught by some, is to enjoy the journey. The journey to grasp more knowledge and elevate your comprehension of the hows-whats-whys of photography to a higher level and also the journey you go through during which you take pictures. In a way, just enjoy it. Sounds hippy-ish? Sort of. But it works. For me, at least. Some people asked me, 'How can you enjoy photography so much?'. My answer is, 'The same reason why you take photos when you're out with friends, when you're on a date, when it's Raya/CNY/Deepavali/etc. It is to freeze the moment and keep it yours forever, on a personal note.'
    Heck, I am not eligible to be sharing my thoughts on photography, as a photographer. But as a hobbyist/photography-enthusiast, that's another story. 

    Funny, almost a year now. Still so psyched about this hobby of mine.

    ~Photos from a hobbyist~
    all taken from my recent trip to Phnom Sampov, Cambodia.

    Composition ke laut, i know.

    remains of victims during polpot regime.

    looking up.


    tame monkey

    panorama attempt



  • Tuesday, August 9, 2011
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  • I thought that I was going to start on my Project 100 this coming semester. But some things are better done earlier than later. So, that said, I'd like to introduce you to my first stranger for this project.!

    This is Smey. This 23 year old lad wants to be an architect in the future. During his leisure time, he likes to read books on psychology and architecture. He is saving money to continue his studies in architecture some time in the future. 

    Thank you, Smey, for participating in this project of mine. I wish you all the best.

    1 down, 99 more to go!

    Project sulung

  • Thursday, August 4, 2011
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  •  Lets try something new. Dengan ini, diumumkan King Abraham will embark on a new adventure/project called "Project 100 strangers".

    Project 100 sudeyh..~ buang strangers. 


    What is Project 100?
     Step out of your comfort zone to a new level of photography: Take 100 portraits of people you don't know.

    Say what, now?
    It is a project to improve your social and technical skills needed for taking portraits of strangers and telling their stories. This project is a lot of fun and improves photojournalistic skills. During the process you might expand your every day living experience- and who knows, maybe you will even get a couple of new friends during the process.

    ______________ adventure 4 me. Gonna be challenging. But yeah, it is not impossible. InsyaAllah start semester depan.

    Kalau sia-sia tidaklah aku buat. Ternyata ada manfaat yang tersirat.