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born-day + borneo-nyte

  • Sunday, December 18, 2011
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  • Thanks to all those that wished me on my birthday few days back. Unlike last year, i wont be posting a "thank you" entry this time around. But the message is still the same, THANK YOU!

    As if to celebrate my birthday, i joined an event called 
    Borneo Cultural Night 
    which was held in USMKK.. haha. loser. Actually, i wanted to see how other universities manage their events plus the fact that it was Borneo night...Sabahans and Sarawakians will be there. Sort of a gathering. A lot of people were there, UMK and USM students. I even grabbed the opportunity to meet a friend of mine whom i knew from Matrix. Meeting her made me feel younger..hehe.

    The slogan was 
    Borneo-Born Extra Ordinary
    Cool. It was fun. Finally dpt gak nyanyi lagu negeri sendiri after 11 tahun kot. Touching moment. Ming ming sepet, my sister se-negeri almost wept. The night was filled with video presentations, some dancing, fashion show, and drama.. Not to forget, they had Laksa Sarawak too! There was a lucky draw but.. Unfortunately, lady luck wasn't there for me, so i didn't win anything. ^^,"

    As per 'yoozh', let the photos do the talking!

    :: Feel free to click on the images for a better viewing pleasure! ::

    dunno whether it's real or not

    Sarawak- the land of the hornbill

    Sabah- the land beneath the wind

    costume 1

    costume 2

    costume 3

    costume 4

    Amirah syazana- my friend dari matrix

    i'm sure u're looking at the tall one


    with one of the performers

    i bet u're looking at ... hehe.

    Ming-ming + event banner

    The irony is.. even though I'm from Borneo.. I don't even know the names of the costumes they were wearing that nyte. haha..Still got a lot to learn, i guess.

    She needs to read this

  • Friday, December 2, 2011
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  • biasanya things yg super personal, i dont put on my blog. but post ni adalah exception. but for "what we had"-sake, so here it is.

    what i did wasn't caused by how i felt at the moment. Because i know better than to make decisions based on an emotional state of mind instead of logical and rational thinking..

    Suffice to say, i don't blame u for anything. Maybe we need to experience and learn more. Or maybe we need to truly understand the meaning of honesty. I don't know...

    We need to care, before knowing love.. or dalam malaynye..'kenali prihatin sebelum mengenal kasih sayang'. Then we wont hurt others, apologize and do it again. As human beings, we have this special ability whereby we learn from our mistakes... maybe we are too young. Again, I don't know..

    Like you, aku hargai n aku sayang apa yg kita ada.. 
    Friendship yg cool camtuh..
    Our deal to be backup spouses for one another andai kata we're old enuff but still x kawen2..
    Our plans utk lepak2 kat kedai mkn lepas keja as if kite tau la sgt esok kite nak keje at the same place..
    our promise nak g ice skating kat sunway.
    And other crazy things we did or planned to do.

    i know u're a silent visitor kat blog ni. and i pray that u read this post and know that even though i stopped texting, doesn't mean i've stopped caring.

    Ur text dat day..wat aku blur jap..But now aku reply that msg.

    Salam Maal Hijrah.

    P/s: saying u didn't expect a reply from me actually shows that u did expect one.
    thanks utk kuih dat day jgak.
    4give me.

    Au Revoire~

    Yours Truly:
    ::Raja Ibrahim Ikhwan::