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dreams/turnoff logic

  • Sunday, January 29, 2012
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  •          A few days ago i watched a documentary or sumthing..about how wonderful the human brain of the things that I've learnt from that program was, when we sleep the part of our brain which controls logic will shut down. Some say, this boosts our creativity for finding solutions to problems/creating new ideas/etc. Fair enough. But when this lack of logic causes me to be sad in my dreams due to issues from the past, I'd disagree to some extent with the notion that it boosts my creativity. 

    "Stop blaming your dreams. Stop blaming your brain. You have to admit that there is a possibility that you are suffering from unresolved issues!" Said my conscience..  
    To which I'd respond with a poker face and a gesture which strongly suggests "i don't give a rat's butt".

    Adik dier~

  • Tuesday, January 24, 2012
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  • tada~!

    Pulled the plug on project 100 strangers, for the time being.
    Started a new project.
    Having my own photos printed out instead of storing them in my HDD.
    Costly, if one were to print out all photos.
    Thus, it is wiser to select the best from the rest.
    Print the pictures>keep them in the album>view them>reminisce>manly tears!

    Anyway, "From Pencil Box 2 Briefcase" has a younger brother now.
    The name's Pencilbox 2 Briefcase.
    The link's here. Check it out.


  • Friday, January 20, 2012
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  • Sem 01 tahun 04 in pictures.
    Some of 'em, anyway..

    ular sawa di ampaian kami di Sri Cemerlang.

    Naik gunung angsi.

    SBS get together 2011(LOW QUALITY PHOTO)

    Field trip SBS4 ke Taman Organik Negeri Kelantan (TONK).

    Tuai padi bersama member2.

    Melawat kampus Bachok.

    Kelas2 fotografi aku.

    Nature walk.

    aktiviti2 dgn "Kami Anak Sarawak UMK-KASUMK"
    n yep. kiri skali itu aku, buat yang x kenal.


    choo tiy

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  • Ini aku. Yes, i can play it. bkn sesaje pose gini.

    One semester to go. 
    God knows best. 
    How about a vacation.