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Nothing much.

  • Thursday, April 26, 2012
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  • Biar kita lihat sesuatu yg sama namun pandangan kita berbeza.

    Apa yang mewah x semestinya mewah.

    Mungkin saja yg mewah itu tersorok kedhaifan.

    Apa yang dhaif x semestinya dhaif.

    Mungkin saja yg dhaif itu tersorok kemewahan.

    Terpulang pada persepsi kamu.




    who wants to live forever

  • Tuesday, April 24, 2012
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  • "Who Wants To Live Forever"

    There's no time for us
    There's no place for us
    What is this thing that builds our dreams?
    Yet slips away from us

    Who wants to live forever?
    Who wants to live forever?
    Ooh, Ooh

    There's no chance for us
    It's all decided for us
    This world has only one sweet moment
    Set aside for us

    Who wants to live forever?
    Who wants to live forever?
    Ooh, Ooh, Ooh
    Who dares to love forever?
    Oh, Oh, when love must die

    Then touch my tears
    With your lips
    And touch my world
    With your fingertips

    And we can have forever
    And we can love forever
    Forever is our today

    Who wants to live forever?
    Who wants to live forever?
    Forever is our today
    Who waits forever anyway?

    Lagu fevret aku once. By Breaking Benjamin. time matrix. time aku sebilik dgn haziq. member plg gila aku.

    u know wat?

    the closer i get to the end of this..Ijazah, i mean.

    the closer i hold onto it. With it referring kpd masa yg aku spend kat cni.

    as if trying to stop the time from passing me by..

    Everyone yg aku kenal spjg aku bergelar mahasiswa UMK ni..

    Friend or Foe..

    If one day i've forgotten who you are, or chose to do so, I apologize from the bottom of my heart and i wish you all the best.

    eff it.

  • Tuesday, April 10, 2012
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  • deleted some posts a few weeks back.
    been to a fren's wedding b4 the sem started.
    been to Kedah b4 the sem started.
    new campus now.
    class dinner 2 weeks ago.
    haven't finished processing the photos yet. still working on that.
    2 months to go b4 graduating.
    so tired ryte now.
    KL marathon of sorts.
    pissed off ryte now.
    they're here but never uttered a word. much 4 being ... never mind.
    eff it dats y.