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Duit Kawen punya cerita

  • Wednesday, June 6, 2012
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  • Yup..gua suda kasi watermark sama ini gambar.hohoho~

    I was fortunate enuff utk ikut a fren of mine g amik gamba wedding.
    Siyesly got a lot of new knowledge and experience.
    Byk benda I've gotta work on kalau nak produce better works.

    But itu bukan isunya hari ni.
    Isunya hari ni adalah perkahwinan.
    Perkahwinan sapakah?
    Well, not really..but almost there.

    Had a conversation with my parents earlier this week.
    Talked about it..yup, marriage.
    Straight to the point nak citer, we talked about the costs involved.
    Being the undergrad that I was, my opinion on this matter is..
    "Benda yang sepatutnya memudahkan..Buat ape mau disusahkan"
    To which aku dihentam dgn hujah like..
    "It is a once in a lifetime thing" 
    and laen2 lg hujah power that I shall not mention.
    Thing was.. they said that I need at least...
    RM 50K.
    By now, sila baca my opinion on this matter, beberapa line di atas.

    Minimum 50K, Maximum lak?
    Things were heating up.
    Tension was in the air.
    They are more experienced on the matter. 
    I did not want to be disrespectful.
    Right or wrong..
    I decided to just mengaku kalah.
    Ended the conversation with ayat win-win for both parties.
    "It's ok. Time will tell. If it's gonna involve a lot of money or not, time will tell."
    "We cannot foresee the future for certain."
    "Let us see lah kan cmane esok2. Berserah lah. Maybe I wont even get married. hahaha~"
    That was the end of it.
    For now.

    But truth be told, this issue was on my mind for the next couple of days.
    And it got me feeling quite uneasy.