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sudden clarity

  • Friday, April 26, 2013
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  • U know how sometimes u need to go through things repeatedly b4 u can actually connect the dots?

    I'm no exception.

    Jz read sumthin..ulang2 kali.

    Now i get it.


    Well, nothing is written in stone.

    trip, tripping.

  • Thursday, April 25, 2013
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  • siyes..rindu nk travel.
    this time no need jauh2..
    pulau perhentian pn da ok..
    plis la jadik.

    my soul's craving for some adventure.
    naek la bas or watever.
    i don care.
    take pictures!
    cari new frens like I did kat kemboja!
    sunset! sunrise! crystal clear water!
    food! all in all, memories.

    we are not getting younger.
    wanna do sumthing memorable, might as well do it now.
    wanna change ur life, might as well do it now.
    wanna luahkan prasaan, might as well do it now too, lol!
    b4 kita da mula terikat dgn komitmen.

    jiwa masih tercari2.
    masih gila nk travel.
    gila nk merantau.
    jeles tgk makcik2 aku.
    asal cuti je merantau.
    turki, ivory coast, shanghai, korea,etc.
    one day, ameen.

    4 now..moh fokus dlm negara dulu.
    ada rezki, kita keluar pulak.

    indahnye la haii~